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Category:Cookbooks Category:2001 non-fiction booksAs articulated in modern society, self-determination is essential for achieving personal well-being, according to the authors. They do not claim that the superordinate goals of personal well-being are different from those of other societies; in fact, they argue that personal well-being is the critical element in achieving what a society considers as the welfare of its citizens. The book is organized in two parts, each describing a life stage that is very relevant to the well-being of individuals and society. Introduction In "introduction" the authors explain that the central topic of the book is the difference in conceptualizations of life success. The first part of the book is centered on self-direction and self-affirmation, which they claim to be the two pillars of a life where personal well-being is achieved. Success in life, according to the authors, is not tied to achieving the immediate goals of an individual and a society, but rather to their development in the long-term perspective of personal well-being. They distinguish between short-term happiness (the current moment) and the long-term meaning in life (in a wider context). The authors note that for some people, the long-term perspective of a meaningful life is only seen when successful in achieving the goals of a society. They note that the concept of self-direction and self-affirmation is well-established in human life, and they suggest that their conceptualization is in line with the definitions proposed by the Well-Being movement. According to the authors, the understanding of self-direction and self-affirmation is more than a personal well-being goal, but also a way of living life. They define self-direction as an attitude which asserts that one has the responsibility for one's actions and their consequences. This means that in order to achieve their goals, people must prepare themselves to put into action their values and beliefs in life. While preparation for successful action implies that people have to lead a disciplined life, self-direction is not synonymous with discipline, but rather refers to living a life with a purpose. They suggest that self-direction is needed to advance in life and is essential in the construction of a life where personal well-being is achieved. The second pillar of personal well-being, according to the authors, is found in the ability to ac619d1d87

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